Official LA-Fest Tees

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Bag yourself a limited edition official LA-Fest T-shirt whilst you still can.
Also available with poster & gundogs CD as a discounted bundle...

MeMe's best friend Leila A was recently diagnosed with secondary terminal breast cancer. Read below for the full LA-Fest and Leila's story.

"We’ve been through so many highs & a fair few lows together over the years, through it all, there’s been and always will be the strongest unity and unconditional love.
As Some know, We used to make a lot of music together in the noughties and founded a band, deciding to call ourselves ‘gundogs’ on a pissed up night out.
We played together for over 6 years and we’d smash the shit out of every stage we landed on. Getting to tour some amazing venues, places and festivals with some incredible bands as well as tearing the roof off the Isle of Wight Festival.
During the pandemic, my beautiful bestie got diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought it and went through chemo, all during lock downs whilst caring for her 2 boys AND completing a degree.

Very recently we found out the cancer has returned and has gone into stage 4. It’s spread to her Liver & spine. They’ve said they can’t cure it so Leila has begun taking chemo tablets to slow down the spread. To say it’s been a huge blow is a complete understatement. Leila A is such a force of nature and lights up any room she walks into so to hear that something’s threatening our shining light is frightening and gutting but I know there is also people out there who have defied doctors before.

Being the absolute superwoman that she is though, Leils is handling it like an absolute tower of strength. Determined to stay around for years & watch her boys grow up.

An ace friend Marc Henry contacted me about doing a fundraiser show. I thought, how ace would it be if Leils actually performed with us as well! SO Marc and I are organising a fundraiser gig with Leila and her friends to raise money that enables her and her boys to help make some amazing memories for them all."

LA-Fest sold out then sold again after a venue upgrade! And what an amazing night it was, If you were there, thank you! A hell of a lot of people showed up wanting to help this amazing woman who I’m so incredibly honoured to call my friend, sister, sidekick.
The line up itself saw reunions from some amazing bands of the late 90s/noughties such as the likes of King Adora, Casino & gundogs making it a line up that will more than likely never be seen again. On Saturday 21st January, 2023, LA-Fest made Birmingham history!

We still have a very limited amount of official LA-Fest Tees and posters left over from the gig, that we had made especially.
So we figured, why not make them available to everyone online to continue our support for this incredible human being and her beautiful boys.

Thanks for reading!
HUge love,
MeMe ♥️✖️

We love you Leila! ♥️♥️✖️✖️